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Mapping emergency planning

Author to speak at regional conference

March 22, 2010
STURBRIDGE — As the need for emergency preparedness continues to evolve so, too must the tools with which we prepare.

With recent global events such as the Haitian and Chilean earthquakes, and the outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus, emergency preparedness has been highlighted as essential to survival of an unexpected catastrophe or natural disaster.

Ric Skinner of Sturbridge, a private consultant for resource mapping has addressed state-of-the-art technology and how it relates to the world of emergency preparedness in his latest book, "GIS in Hospitals and Healthcare Emergency Management," scheduled for publication in mid-April.

"GIS stands for geographic information systems," Skinner explained Monday. "It's a mapping technology very much like 'Google maps' or 'Google earth.'"

"The reason that it's important in emergency management is because situation awareness is critically important to an emergency manager," added Skinner, who has worked closely with Tri-Epic Regional Planning Commission on emergency preparedness in this area and is currently organizing a conference to discuss that very topic.

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