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Doctors meet their match

UMass assigns residency programs to area doctors

David Miller of Sturbridge and Marie King of Spencer, above, worked together as lab partners during their last year at UMass. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
March 22, 2010
WORCESTER — One hundred and one doctors have already realized one of their major career goals.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester's class of 2010 were given their first residency assignments during the school's annual Match Day on Wednesday, March 17.

Dean of Students Mai-Lan Rogoff explained each outgoing student was paired with the best possible fit for their expertise. While nearly half of the students will remain in Massachusetts, representatives of the class are headed for medical practices all over the country.

"They apply where they want to go, they get invited to interview, then they get put into a ranking list in the computer," Rogoff said of the matching process.

As each student ranks their choices, each medical facility ranks the students. The highest matches are then paired together.

"The applicant gets matched to the highest place on the list that ranked them," Rogoff said.

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