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RMV return brewing?

Clark, others aiming for April solution

March 17, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Town Manager Chris Clark hopes to reach a solution to the Registry of Motor Vehicles problem by the end of March.

"We are still in the process of exploring [a solution], in a little bit more detailed exploration," he said, somewhat carefully.

More specifically, Clark said he's one of "a lot of cooks" working together to either return the Registry to its old site in Big Bunny Plaza or move it to the Casaubon Senior Center.

"If the RMV decides the sole option it can deploy is to get space rent-free, I think the town has, as a preliminary offer, the senior center available," he said. But he noted his preference would be to send them back to Big Bunny, largely because that space was specifically renovated for the agency.

Either option would require some deal-making. If Big Bunny, Clark said the town might be willing to offer a tax break to cover some of the rent the Registry was paying ($6,000 a month). If Casaubon, he said the deal would be with Director Michael Trombley, who would have to move his agency to the Community Center.

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