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Sturbridge bags car thief

March 16, 2010
in Wells State Park with four allegedly stolen vehicles last September, a Worcester man was indicted by the Grand Jury on four counts of auto theft, conspiracy, possession of burglary tools, illegally attaching plates and other lesser charges.

William Ebersold, 35, of 1387 Main St., Worcester, was listed in the police log as an arrest Friday afternoon. His case started in Dudley District Court last year, but is being transferred to Worcester Superior Court because of the indictment.

According to Sturbridge Police Officer Larry Bateman's report in the court file, dated Sept. 15, police were tipped off to a stolen 2009 GMC Sierra pickup at the park by OnStar, the remote GPA-based car security company. When he and Officer Earl Dessert arrived, they checked several campsites before finding it at no. 20 under a tarp.

Bateman wrote they found a stolen motorcycle in its pickup bed, both vehicles bearing the wrong plates. Park rangers identified the campers as William Ebersold and Crystal Campbell, and police staked out the site until they returned about 90 minutes later.

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