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'The hurdle's a lot higher now'

MSBA chief touts local projects, program changes

MSBA Executive Director Katherine Craven Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
March 15, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Although the agency's nearly-unknown public hearing on regulation changes attracted just one local person, the Mass. School Building Authority took time Friday to discuss several ongoing and proposed school projects in the area.

In a relaxed and friendly session with Stonebridge Press editors, Director Katherine Craven and spokesman Emily Mahlman explored the history of their agency and school building in general alongside specific projects in Southbridge, Sturbridge, Webster, Spencer and elsewhere.

"It was such a goner," Craven said of Southbridge High School. She said the agency knew it had to do something "when we heard about the creeping library that was moving away from the kids."

Even with such clear need, she said, MSBA had to make sure the town could document what it wanted and how it could pay for it, prove that it had looked into the options. Only then could the state support the school Southbridge will actually build.

See Tuesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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