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Savers celebrates 100

Marking change in a century of banking

Lou Ellen Corkum (standing) and Roberta McDowell mix modern technology with vintage garb while working the desk during a turn-back-the-clock approach to the bank’s 100th anniversary on Monday, above. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
March 08, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — One hundred years ago, Halley's Comet lit up the sky, European politics was mostly dominated by five empires (British, German, Russian, Austrian and Ottoman), and the United States had slightly less than 93 million people.

Locally, the first Italian immigrants settled in Southbridge and the optical industry was going strong with several firms around town. The big, white Notre Dame Church, Wells School, Westville Lake and even Harrington Hospital didn't yet exist, and Savers Bank opened its doors.

The bank's staff spent Monday "reliving" that era in 1910 garb — flowery and bowler hats, old style dresses and vests.

To Vice President Joseph Coderre, although many appearances have changed, the basics are largely still the same.

"We change with the community," he said. "We've always been supporting people in saving for the future, and we still deal with people one on one."

See Wednesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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