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Search panel is taking form

'Melting pot' to look for superintendent nearly full

March 04, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Although the committee overseeing the superintendent search hasn't quite finished coalescing, the School Committee is starting to get an idea of what it wants in a new school chief and when.

Chairman John Jovan Jr. said the panel set a selection deadline for mid-June so the newcomer can start in September. Among other things, that person needs to be "a strong instructional leader" with experience in technology and building projects and a "community minded person," he said.

Those qualities will be mentioned in the ad, as are a minimum of 10 years pre-K to grade 12 experience and a master's degree. But one thing that's not specified is a definite amount of administrative experience, although Jovan dismissed the hypothetical query that someone who has only been a classroom teacher would be considered, nor would someone from outside education.

"I don't believe you could take somebody out of the private sector with no experience in education and lead a district that has had the challenges we've had," he said. Asked further about someone coming from higher education, he was still skeptical but a little less so, noting the panel would have to consider everything the applicant brings to the table.

The process is necessary because Superintendent Dale Hanley announced in January she would not seek an extension of her contract when it expires in June.

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