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Seniors air concerns on RMV moves

Elder drivers feel ignored in the process

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March 03, 2010
HOLLAND — Some people take for granted the ability quickly drive to the store for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread. But what would you do if by circumstance, not by choice, that ability was taken away.

For many senior citizens, a license to drive is a lifeline to the world, and after seeing the decisions made by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles in the last year, some fear that line is being severed.

Seniors from Holland, Brimfield, Wales and Sturbridge were expecting a clinic on response time and cognitive abilities of elderly drivers met at the Holland Senior Center on Tuesday, March 2. It was just days after the Route 20 access to the recently relocated RMV branch was closed and the day a $5 fee was to be implemented for RMV services though that fee was shot down by Gov. Deval Patrick.

People were disappointed however, when Michelle Ellicks from the RMV who was supposed to proctor the Shifting Gears program, cancelled the presentation Tuesday morning, citing illness. In its stead, a discussion ensued during which people voiced their concerns over RMV decisions that many feel were made without senior citizens in mind.

One of the biggest concerns people had was the inability to access the RMV office in the Charlton rest stop from Route 20 anymore.

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