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All's well that ends well

Educational work leads to effort to improve water supply at African school

Sturbridge resident Peter Zukas, who with his wife, Lynn, runs Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer, was among a group of friends and business owners from the area that traveled to Uganda recently to help install a new pump in a well that serves water to a girls’ school in the village. He is shown here with a local villager named Andrew. Judy Nielsen. (click for larger version)
February 21, 2010
We've all heard the expression, "It takes a village …"

Perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in under-developed countries, where all the modern amenities and technological conveniences many us take for granted are mere pipe dreams.

GPS? High-Def TV? Remote car starters?

For hundreds of young girls in the countries of Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya just being able to go to school is considered a luxury. Things like electricity and running water, necessities each of them, are never a guarantee in many of the villages there.

So when Judy and Carl Nielsen, joined by friends Peter and Lynn Zukas, who operate Zukas Hilltop Barn in Spencer, helped install a new well pump in a small village in Uganda last month, suffice it to say they were greeted with wide smiles and high praise.

For more on this story, please see Monday's Southbridge Evening News.

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