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Wildberry Lane shows its thorns

Resident of new subdivision tripped up by old issues

February 18, 2010
OUTHBRIDGE — John DeLozier discovered what's probably not the best way to move into a new town.

Back in December, he thought he'd be able to close on his new home at 18 Wildberry Lane, the first home to be built in Pleasant Hill Estates near the airport, so he moved out of his Millbury apartment. But on Dec. 22, the Southbridge DPW discovered there were still problems with the project's pump station and declined turn on the water/sewer lines.

"We were sitting out there, hanging on a string, trying to get into our new home," DeLozier said, noting the delays caused him to spend a month in a motel, costing about $3,000.

"I'm not going to sue the city or [DPW Director] Ken Kalinowski. I'm not that sort of person," he said. "I just want a half-pound of flesh — I just want an apology."

In that vein, he sent a complaint letter to "The Administration" of Southbridge and copied it to the Evening News, intending to "vent my anger" at the DPW. Among other things, he wrote, "I fail to understand why the DPW officials forced us to live in a motel for a month while they played their 'we have the power and are going to exercise it' games."

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