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RecycleBank program ending

With 63% participation rate, some are asking why

February 11, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — The town will stop participating in the RecycleBank rewards program at the end of February, a prospect that has some people questioning why.

At Monday's Town Council meeting, for example, Larry Beinema urged the council to "Wrap your arms around this issue and make sure it stays in place" to encourage more recycling.

He disputed Health Department data that seem to show not as many people participate as were expected, claiming he was told by RecycleBank that 1,184 households have redeemed coupons since the program started. He also claimed Casella wants to end the RecycleBank program to save money.

A message left for Casella wasn't returned Wednesday afternoon.

RecycleBank CEO Scott Lamb said Beinema's number was pretty accurate. Over the life of the contract — three years — 18,433 rewards have been ordered by "about 1,200 unique households" in Southbridge, about 40 percent of them redeemed at local retailers, he said. (The remainder were probably redeemed online, although he added some were converted into nearly $17,000 in donations to the schools.)

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