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Mr. Valanzola goes to London

Speaks of grassroots campaigning in keynote to Tory conference

Wales Selectman Michael Valanzola stands outside the Clock Tower of the Palace of Westminster — Big Ben — after his private tour of the Houses of Parliament during his recent visit to address the UK’s Conservative Party. Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
February 04, 2010
Wales Selectman Michael Valanzola got the chance to participate in some "cross-pond" politics recently when he delivered a keynote address to the British Conservative Party in London, England.

Valanzola was invited to speak by his former college roommate, Christopher Boerl, a doctoral student at the University of London, who has been working closely with the Conservative Party, which is hoping to regain some ground in the Parliament in this year's election.

The leading political party in England, the Labour Party, has had majority control in Parliament for the last 12 years.

"I jumped at the opportunity," Valanzola said. "It wasn't something that I was going to turn down."

The basis of Valanzola's address to the Conservatives was campaign tactics and the importance of portraying a candidate as a regular person, not just a representative of a political party.

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