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Planners aim at park design

January 28, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Local planning officials hope the nascent effort to design rules to make the new industrial park attractive can be expanded to other parts of town.

"I don't like to see an industrial park, when it's in view of traffic coming into town, look like an industrial park," said Economic Development Director Cassandra Acly.

Thinking along those lines, the Planning Board kicked off a three- or four-month process to devise "performance standards," zoning, "green" requirements, "expedited permitting" and other changes they hope will "protect the town but at the same time not prevent development," Acly said.

"[You] can put these sites wherever you want, but you have to do some work ahead of time, and that means spending some money," she observed, referring specifically to the background work necessary for an expedited permitting process. Such an arrangement would enable businesses that meet the town's requirements to get the various local permits to build and open without having to go through the lengthy independent processes now required for several separate boards.

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