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Southbridge fire officials call for volunteers

January 24, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — If anything has been exemplified by Americans' willingness to contribute aid to the Haitian disaster relief effort it is the natural desire to help other people in need.

The Southbridge Fire Department is hoping that feeling can move people to do so in their own community — they are currently looking for volunteers to assist in shelter management during emergencies.

"We're trying to build up the volunteer force," said Firefighter Roland LaRochelle, Southbridge's deputy emergency management director and co-interim chairman of Tri-Epic regional emergency planning committee.

Although the town does have a number of trained members of CERT — Community Emergency Response Team — people who may not have the time or volition to go through the several weeks of classes required for CERT certification are more than welcome to help in whatever capacity best suits them.

"We're not looking for anybody specific," LaRochelle said. "We're looking for anybody who would be able to serve as a volunteer in case of an emergency."

See Tuesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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