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Many hands help feed a community

Food Share sees more help, food and need

Bonnie Lasavio, of Southbridge and John Looney, of Holland, lend a helping hand in the unloading of 12,000 ponds of food that delivered to Food Share by Worcester County Food Bank Thursday, Jan. 14. Another delivery of 7,000 was delivered Wednesday, Jan. 20 to help address a growing need. Shawn Kelley. (click for larger version)
January 20, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — How long does it take to deliver 7,000 pounds of food?

Minus driving time, around half an hour, with at least 15 people acting as a "human conveyor belt."

When it has that many volunteers, that's what the Food Share Pantry on Elm Street does on a regular basis, although Wednesday's turnout and load was higher than usual, President Ray Fournier observed.

"I've never seen so much USDA [food]. I don't know where we'll put it," he said shortly before the truckload arrived. "It's the biggest load we've ever done in one trip from Worcester."

To be more accurate, the tally came to 7,455 pounds. Excluding fuel, the total bill was just $34.15, he said.

That's less than half a cent per pound.

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