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New year, a unified start

Town Council sails through meeting

January 11, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Surprising everyone present, the Town Council kicked off the new year by approving all of its agenda items unanimously, with almost no debate.

The only notable questions came on several small contracts related to ongoing Community Development Block Grant projects, particularly two related to sidewalk design work for Chestnut and Henry streets.

In response, Economic Development Director Cassandra Acly noted sidewalk projects typically don't need design work — as with recent work on Dresser Street, they just repair and replace what's there. But on Henry and Chestnut streets, existing sidewalks have a fair amount of variability — some narrow spots, uneven areas, houses have steps on the sidewalk and sections don't line up properly, among other problems. Some sections don't even have sidewalks.

Councilor Pamela Regis added that she'd like to see those projects also consider whether the water and sewer lines within the road need replacing. She said she'd rather do that as part of this work than reopen the road "two years from now."

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