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Lebanon Brook cleanup OK'd

Brookside Village area work slated for late year 'dry season'

January 05, 2010
SOUTHBRIDGE — Voting unanimously, the Conservation Commission approved a plan to clean up PCB and other contamination along Lebanon Brook in Brookside Village Tuesday. They did not attach any special conditions to it, although there was some discussion about having a permanent marker erected to warn future generations about the risks of PCBs already entombed on the site.

This project is actually the second stage of a cleanup that began in 2005, when owner Meredith Management organized the removal of tons of similarly-toxic soil, leaving behind some of lower concentration buried in a multi-layered containment cell that now looks like a small mound next to the office. The current round of work will focus on the brook itself, where testing found several dozen kinds of toxins, mostly along part of the north bank and in the streambed.

According to the project documents, the work is to be done "in the driest season, when flows are expected to be lowest." Specifically, that means sometime between late August and early October this year, weather permitting.

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