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Forum addresses childhood trauma

Kids 'much more stressed than we were'

December 28, 2009
STURBRIDGE — Although many people would love to think of childhood as a safe haven from stress, most of us know it's not.

But the nature and degree of stress — essentially, a spectrum from normal developmental issues to severe trauma — and how children react can have a significant effect on their future and their family's well-being, and that varies largely by age.

"They have the same issues going on, but developmentally they're not taking them the same way," said Andrea Butler, a family therapist at Wayside Trauma Intervention Services. "Ö These kids are growing up a little quicker than they should, sometimes."

Butler and her colleague, Louise Cabral, will talk about their trade and how children express things that happen to them at Tantasqua Junior High School at 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 5. Titled "Trauma in Young Children and Adolescents," the forum is being run by Union 61's Community Partnership for Children (CPC).

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