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Phase 1 now underway

Officials lay groundwork for industrial park plan

December 22, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — With roadwork started and the site assignment appeal over, town development advocates started looking at how Southbridge ought to organize the industrial park.

"I see no movement on a plan for how we're going to develop that industrial park," said Councilor Richard Logan, chairman of the Planning & Development subcommittee. "I want to see a plan in place when that road opens, so we're not just scrambling to sell property."

For the most part, he's referring to what to do with the town-owned acreage — about 40 acres along this phase of the road, but comprising the majority of phase two. The bulk of phase one property is privately owned, with a lot of it currently subject to conservation easements that would give the town right of first refusal if the owners seek to sell.

Work on phase one, from Route 169 to the landfill, is slated to be complete about Aug. 20.

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