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Were you dreaming of this?

Short of predictions, storm still ensures a white Christmas

Motorists were easily navigating the roads in Southbridge Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Central and Main streets. Ryan Grannan-Doll. (click for larger version)
December 22, 2009
Even with all the snow dumped on the region this past weekend, it was a relatively calm state of affairs, according to area officials.

No serious incidents occurred during the storm, and no motor vehicle accidents were reported in Sturbridge, according to Police Sgt. Kevin Mercier. Generally, he said, they receive more motor vehicle incident reports during snowstorms.

"We were surprised," Mercier said.

A warning by Gov. Deval Patrick to stay off the roads accounted for the relative calm this weekend, Mercier said.

"For the most part people have heeded that warning," he said.

Area departments of public works said they were fully prepared for the storm, even though it came later in the day than originally predicted.

"We were ready," said Sturbridge Department of Public Works Director Greg Morse Sunday afternoon, as his crews continued to clear roads. "They are all cleared now. They are really just cleaning up."

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