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Casella fined for landfill violations

But company foes lose site assignment appeal

December 14, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Casella Waste Systems has been fined $34,314 over environmental violations found by state inspectors two years ago.

Separately, a judge last week rejected an appeal of the 2008 Board of Health site assignment decision to allow more municipal solid waste into the Southbridge landfill. Fusco said Casella plans to obtain its permit to make that decision official within 45 days.

As for the fine, the company plans to pay it, according to Casella spokesman Joseph Fusco. Casella is also required to establish procedures, within 30 days of the Thursday, Nov. 12 violation date, to avoid future prohibited disposals.

Board of Health Chairman Dr. Thomas O'Leary, said the violation citation is proof that the town's monitoring system worked.

"It's a big industry and we need to make sure that people are aware that if you are abusing the right to use the landfill … then there will be a consequence," O'Leary said.

Fusco noted the order does not mean the company is admitting any guilt, and that it is a "compromise" on the issue.

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