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Coakley, Brown win

Set to face off in January race

After getting her ballot, Elaine Bouvier, left, heads for a voting booth as poll workers Ted Lesniewski and Jackie Varin check in two more voters and their young observers. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
December 08, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Tuesday's primaries held no real surprises in either party.

Statewide, Attorney General Martha Coakley took home the Democratic nomination with almost twice as many votes as any of her challengers, while state Sen. Scott Brown's margin was much larger — almost 9 to 1 — in the Republican race.

Those proportions held pretty true for the local results as well. Among Dems in Southbridge, Coakley won with 529; U.S. Rep Michael Capuano got 236, Celtics owner Steven Pagliuca got 224, and community organizer Alan Khazei collected just 85 votes. For the GOP, Brown claimed 171, while Jack Robinson got just 39.

As is all too common with primaries, turnout statewide was low. For David Loiselle, hearing that about an hour before the polls closed actually prompted him to go vote.

When asked why he came, he said, "Guilt."

"I was listening to the news and they said nobody's going out, so I said, 'I'm going out, then,'" he said after voting at the Armory. He added he'd love to see employers encourage their workers to go vote, as he recalled happening in the 1970s, provided they don't tell people how to vote.

Personally, Loiselle said his primary concern at the moment is health care.

"I want it to pass," he said, noting he feels the insurance companies "need to be brought under control somehow."

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