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Council OKs single tax rate for 2010

December 08, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — After a lengthy presentation from Assessor Wilfrid Cournoyer, the Town Council voted 7-2 to approve a single property tax rate of $15.16.

Because of the way taxes are calculated under state law, that means the average single family home owner will see an increase of about $163 for the year, but all other forms of residential property will actually get smaller bills. Commercial and industrial properties, however are seeing double-digit percentage increases.

Although the town's value as a whole dropped about 12 percent, the decline hit certain kinds of property much harder than others, Cournoyer said. The collapse in value ranged from just 3 percent for vacant land to 23.5 percent for condos, with multi-family owners seeing the largest drop in dollar value ($195 for an average three-family home).

Resident James Sottile, however, was the most vocal opposition, arguing "where's the logic" in hiking taxes on single-families when their values have fallen.

See Wednesday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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