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Town pressed for crosswalk

Central Street incident prompts call for action

December 01, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — For a long time, residents have periodically complained about the lack of pedestrian safety in the Hook/Central street area. The nearest crosswalk is up at Main Street, yet people cross this corner all the time to get home from school or to work at nearby businesses.

Last week, Chris Ayoob was doing just that, heading for the Center of Hope, when he got hit by a car that left the scene. He wasn't seriously injured, but the incident prompted him and his mother, Judy Whitman, to speak up at Monday's Town Council meeting.

"Sooner or later, we're going to have to put a crosswalk in on either side of that 'gully,'" Whitman said. She was referring to the former rail route just south of Books & Beans, partly an unpaved cut-through between Foster and Central streets.

"He thought he'd use that alternate route, that it'd be safer," she added. "But it wasn't."

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