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Contracts amended

Sewer plant pacts to include oversight

November 30, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Despite lacking copies of the changes at issue, the Town Council voted to approve amending the existing engineering contracts to extend oversight work at the sewer plant.

It postponed, until the next meeting (Dec. 7), doing almost the same thing for the newly restarted industrial park access road project. Councilors didn't have that paperwork on hand either.

The sewer work will cost up to $300,000, while Town Manager Chris Clark is seeking up to $500,000 for the road oversight. Both contracts are with Weston & Sampson, the engineering firm that designed the road.

Councilor Al Vecchia raised the biggest objections to both for the same reasons — lack of financial data being immediately available, and he demanded "a cost breakdown report" to justify the road request. He claimed the idea was "thrown at us right at the end" and was unable to attend last week's DPW subcommittee meeting that discussed it.

Clark and a few others, however, argued the amount requested isn't unusual for a project of this size — roadwork, and many other construction projects, routinely have around 10 percent set aside for oversight.

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