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Court note a door to world of addiction

Opiates an issue in abusive behavior?

November 18, 2009
DUDLEY — When Charlton's Nicole Anderson walked into Dudley District Court Wednesday, she probably did not expect to end up in handcuffs. Or to be required to live with her father.

But that's what happened when the state asked Judge Neil Snider to revoke her bail.

According to court records, Anderson had previously been arrested for assault with a weapon (shod foot), but was this time in court for assault with a weapon (Jeep) and disturbing the peace, with different victims in each case.

What the documents don't mention, except in the court clerk's hand-written note, is that many of her issues may stem from something that's becoming all too common — opiate addiction.

"Her father doesn't want to see her held, but does want to see her getting help for her drug problem," said Anderson's attorney, identified in the files as Chris Monroy.

Despite allegedly being the victim in her second case, her father, Ed Fitzherbert, told the court he agreed.

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