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A blessing for house in harmony

November 11, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — When Chris Briere and Trisha O'Brien wanted to get to know their new neighbors on Hartwell Street, they opted for an idea that long predates Southbridge itself — a house blessing.

"We're a newer couple, but have been in town for a while and love the town," Briere said. "So we asked ourselves, 'How do we introduce ourselves to the community?'"

To be more accurate, Briere was the one needing more introduction; he hails from New Britain, Conn. O'Brien has long been involved in the local art scene as a teacher at Tantasqua and owner of a gallery on Crane Street.

But both felt a need to tap their shared spirituality to place their own stamp on their new home. Briere said they met on a mission trip to Africa, and he sees himself as "an ecumenical person; I go to all the churches."

"I used to have a neighbor who used to run out and bless his house, and I thought that's a good idea," Briere said.

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