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Steering toward a public forum

Sturbridge officials hear update on Master Plan

November 10, 2009
Master Plan Steering Committee's public forum just a little more than a week away, the Planning Board received an update on a concurrent planning project that shares some similar goals.

Consultant Rosemary Scrivens of the Central Massachusetts Regional Planning Commission (CMRPC) met with the board to discuss the progress of the commercial/tourist district revitalization plan on which she has been working.

Scrivens said a good portion of the necessary reconnaissance has been completed for the plan, which so far includes interviews with non-resident stake holders — such as business proprietors or land owners — surveys collected from residents living in the district and an inventory of photographs and descriptions of the different buildings and lots in the district that extends from the intersection of routes 20 and 148, eastward to the intersection of Route 20 and Cedar Street.

"Those are the three major things that have been done," Scrivens said, indicating several existing town documents are also under review for possible merit in drafting the revitalization plan.

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