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Clamping down on vandalism

Police target vulnerable properties

Plywood panels fill broken window panes in a Central Street storefront thatís been vacant two years or more. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
November 04, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — In reaction to at least 10 building vandalism incidents in the past month, police are planning to install surveillance cameras at some of the more vulnerable locations in hopes of deterring or catching the perpetrators.

In many cases, the sites have been vacant for some time, but aren't in commonly traveled areas. Southbridge currently has several dozen storefronts and houses in that state, but even a few places in daily use are being targeted, and probably more are vulnerable because people haven't yet realized they're vacant.

"When we talk to people, we're finding that what comes up is, 'Down at the end of our street, this person just walked away from their house,'" said Police Chief Daniel Charette. In one recent case, he noted, a woman seemingly just walked out of her mortgage leaving food in the fridge and dishes in the sink.

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