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Photographer has losing record with Little League

Parents whose young Southbridge Little League players took part in individual and team photos earlier this year are out any money they spent after the man hired to shoot the photos never delivered them. Stonebridge Press photo image. (click for larger version)
November 01, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — The Southbridge Little League is locked in what seems to be a losing battle with the photographer hired for the 2009 baseball season.

According to Little League President Shaun Moriarty, photographer Tom O'Connell of Manchester, Conn. was hired to take team and individual player photos at the beginning of the season. Now well into autumn, no photos have been delivered, few refunds have been offered, and O'Connell is apparently dodging the miffed parents of league players.

"Like every Little League, we bring in a photographer who does the pictures of the kids and the teams," Moriarty said. "This year a couple photographers who are not immediately local, contacted us and asked about doing presentations to the board. One guy [O'Connell] came in and really impressed the board with his presentation with the deal he was offering, so he was selected as the photographer."

Photos were taken in late April and early May, at the onset of the season, requiring parents to pay for their selected packages up front. Moriarty said by mid-June he was beginning to field questions about when the photos were supposed to be delivered.

By the time the Fourth of July rolled around, no photos had been delivered, and Moriarty began contacting O'Connell and relaying the parental complaints.

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