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Water plan needs wildlife OK

October 28, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — The town is finding that increasing its permit to withdraw water from the reservoirs is more than just changing some numbers.

Specifically, the state Department of Environmental Protection is requiring the town to examine what impact, if any, hiking the maximum withdrawal from 2 million gallons daily to about 4.49 MGD could have on downstream wildlife.

"This wasn't something we planned for," Town Manager Christopher Clark said when requesting money from the water contingency fund to hire a contractor to study it. " There were a few other requirements we can meet, but we don't have in-house capacity to do this."

Speaking to the DPW subcommittee Wednesday, Clark and DPW Director Kenneth Kalinowski said they plan to hire an engineering firm called Stantec to do it, after receiving just two responses to their bid request. The Northampton-based firm bid $21,850.

See Friday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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