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State complains of phys ed, class space

October 27, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — To the state, the fact Southbridge High School didn't offer physical education to juniors and seniors was a "civil rights issue" … despite the fact state law doesn't even require those grades to take gym to graduate.

That dichotomy drew some raised eyebrows at Tuesday's School Committee meeting. It was one of a few items the state found troubling during a spring review of the district's special ed and Title I programs but district officials thought "really don't make sense," in member Tanya Dominko's words.

"The administration is constantly tied up in tasks that don't have anything to do with education," she said, dubbing it "a waste of time" to fulfill state requests without knowing their justification.

Dominko was actually referring to another state objection — that one Eastford Road School class of about eight students wasn't in the same amount of space a regular-sized class gets.

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