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Not all lining up for cemetery plots

October 25, 2009
Editor's Note: The Southbridge Evening News last week published a story noting the steps taken to ensure enough space at local cemeteries. Today's story highlights the many reasons some owners are now selling their burial plots.

Your local classified section has all sorts of things for sale: furniture, old records, exercise equipment, cemetery plots.

Cemetery plots?

"We could use the money," said Spencer resident June Kennedy, who is selling the two plots she bought for herself and her husband, John, at Worcester County Memorial Park in Paxton.

John and June both work for their own brick and mason company, and business there is "very, very slow" right now.

Cemetery plots could become a more common listing in newspapers, but several factors are determining that.

One circumstance is the market for burial sites. The few calls area residents have received suggests the market for plots may be bare.

"I'm having a hard time," said Sturbridge resident Judy Burnett, who is currently selling her two plots at the Memorial Park. Burnett's advertisement lists both plots for $1,500.

Sandy Vray, of North Brookfield, said she had not received any calls for the two plots her parents own at Memorial Park, which she has been trying to sell for two years. Her advertisement currently lists the plots for $1,500 for both.

See Monday's Southbridge Evening News for complete coverage of community news.

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