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From track to therapist?

Rescued greyhound aims for new 'career'

Dawn Simpson, of Sturbridge, performs Reiki on Hayli, during the annual Walk n Wag held at Hamilton Rod and Gun Club last month. File photo/Shawn Kelley. (click for larger version)
October 12, 2009
STURBRIDGE — Hayli Gallo-Jacques is only 4 years old, but has already had one career and is about to embark on a second.

Until Nov. 2008, she spent much of her time in a tight crate between brief periods of running really fast around a track. Soon, she'll be helping sick people get well again, but at the moment she spends a lot of time lounging at home with her adopted sibling Brandi.

Hayli and Brand are greyhounds. Mary Ann Gallo and her husband, Gary Jacques, rescued them from the Hinsdale Greyhound Park in New Hampshire after 56 and 116 races respectively. They note the two seemed to have been well cared for there, but such dogs move frequently.

"From the track we've been to, the kennel managers adored them," Gallo said.

Like many siblings, the two have radically different personalities. Brandi, 8, is boisterous and very forward, but Hayli is calm and initially rather skittish, especially with men. Gallo and Jacques don't know why.

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