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Had any hauntingly good ghost encounters?

Paranormal accounts sought for writer seeks material for new book

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October 12, 2009
DOUGLAS — Michelle Mowry is looking for ghosts.

Author Michelle Mowry, above, co-wrote the 2008 “There are Ghosts in Our World,” and writes for TAPS Paramagazine, and is looking for first-hand accounts of hauntings in New England for a new book. Courtesy photos.
More specifically, she's in search of firsthand accounts of paranormal activity for a book she is writing about hauntings in New England.

Mowry, 37, a married mother of two who has lived in town for about a decade, is on the staff of Fall River-based TAPS Paramagazine and is an investigator with New England Paranormal. The latter was founded by Steve Gonsalves, known to many as the star of SyFy Channel's "Ghost Hunters" series.

The still untitled book, which Mowry hopes will be published this coming spring, is being co-written by David Manch, senior advisor to New England Paranormal and author of 2008's "There are Ghosts in Our World."

Mowry is in her second year with TAPS Paramagazine and New England Paranormal, but her interest in ghosts and other spiritual entities has deep and very personal roots.

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