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Charter reviewers dive into issues

Mechanics of Town Council among first tasks

October 06, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Recent events again reared their head Tuesday as the Charter Review Committee dove into the first meaty section of its year-long charge to recommend changes to the town's governing document.

One of the potentially biggest proposals would have changed the council's size and how it's elected. Member Kenneth O'Brien, a former councilor, suggested a five-member council with two-year terms elected by precinct, prompted in part by a letter from resident James Sottile.

That immediately sparked skepticism.

"Do you think that's healthy to have all councilors up every two years especially when you have a lot of items on the table?" asked member Gary Fontaine, a former police chief. "It takes two years just to get trained and get into synch."

O'Brien said he thinks the current system could create "too much of a disconnect" between residents and councilors, who may prefer having a specific councilor to go to for their issues.

But Chairman Laurent "Butch" McDonald noted that can also create conflicts. While Southbridge had a precinct system, one of his precinct's councilors was his father, a situation that created "the appearance of impropriety" even for mundane problems. At the time, he could go to the other councilor or an at-large member, and he said he thought having them all remain at-large would both attract better candidates and make it easier for people to find someone to help them.

The current charter, McDonald added, is "a fundamentally sound document."

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