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Sturbridge takes aim at junk cars

Special Town Meeting may decide towing process

Craig Moran Jr. of Sturbridge Service Center takes down the vehicle identification number (VIN) of a Saturn that was abandoned in Sturbridge. Sturbridge Service Center now has approximately 200 abandoned cars awaiting disposal. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
October 06, 2009
STURBRIDGE — There are few things more unsightly in the center of a town than a lot filled with junk cars.

In many instances, these collections of abandoned automobiles do not pile up because of derelict business practices, but rather, are simply products of a law that only addresses the offender, not the offense.

A warrant article at the upcoming Special Town Meeting in Sturbridge on Monday, Oct. 19 at Burgess Elementary School, will, if passed, change the procedure towing companies have to go through in order to dispose of abandoned cars.

As it stands now, towing companies stand to lose hundreds of dollars on each abandoned vehicle, which can linger for up to a year or more before they are legally allowed to do anything with it under current laws.

Not only would acceptance of Massachusetts General Law (MGL) chapter 90, section 22B, subsections b through k untie the hands of local auto service providers, but it will also help clean up the town and generate a significant amount of income.

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