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Rain too kind to orchards

Bumper crop has growers eager for people to pick their own

October 04, 2009
fter the summer's heavy rains, fruit growers were facing a nail-biter forecast on the effects of weather on their crop yield — as it turns out there was little need for concern.It was a bumper crop.

According to Billy Haseotes, owner of Honey Bee Orchards in West Brookfield, the apple crop was this year's crowd pleaser.

"We have had a lot of fruit this season," said Haseotes. "There has been so much fruit [at all of the orchards in the area] that prices have gone way down."

Price has always been a point of concern when people come down to making the choice of where to buy their fruit — at grocery store or at orchards.

"I hope that people choose to support local growers," Haseotes said.

There are many different factors that go into having a good crop of apples in a season, he indicated. One is the amount of precipitation during the beginning of the season and the temperatures during the winter before.

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