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Fuel funds keep pumping

Local efforts still see a need for aid

September 29, 2009
As the cold weather approaches on the tail of an abbreviated summer, many people are pulling their belts even tighter to make sure they are financially solvent enough to keep warm this winter.

People in all communities though, have faced the impact of the economic downturn of the last year, making it harder and harder to makes ends meet. That is why organizations like Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors (REAS) and Southbridge Emergency Fuel Assistance (SEFA) were established.

"People know that there is a need in every community," said Charlton Police Chief James A. Pervier, a spokesman for that town's chapter of the REAS Foundation. "It's not just Charlton, but in every community there's people who have fiscal constraints."

Whereas the Charlton REAS Foundation set out to reach a goal of $15,000 in donations during 2008, their maiden year, Pervier said there is no established goal this year, as the efforts of REAS continue all year.

"We're just trying to be prepared and have assets for seniors in Charlton," Pervier said.

Charlton Chapter Director Elaine Kingston, who is also director of the Charlton Council on Aging, explained that REAS not only helps people with heating costs in the winter, but in the summertime with cooling costs, as well.

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