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Soulful voices of Africa come to Sturbridge

For Destiny Africa choir, survival is a song of victory

The Destiny Africa Childrenís Choir from the Kampala Childrenís Centre in Uganda is seen with members of the ceremonial guard of the British High Commissionerís residence where they sang in honor of Queen Elizabeth IIís birthday celebration in June. Courtesy photo/Kampalachildren.com. (click for larger version)
September 28, 2009
STURBRIDGE — Much of the latter portion of the 20th century saw the central African nation of Uganda ravaged by civil war and rampant disease.

Among the most vulnerable victims of the unrest in Uganda were young children, orphaned and left to survive in the worst of circumstances alone.

From those desperate situations, in the early years of the 21st century, has emerged a source of education, health and hope for many of these children — the Kampala Children's Centre in Wakiso, Uganda.

Established by Pastor Arnold Muwonge in 2005, the center is the driving force behind one of the most unique musical ensembles Sturbridge has likely seen in years.

The Destiny Africa Children's Choir will perform at the Sturbridge Worship Center on Mashapaug Road at 7 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 16.

The Sturbridge performance is one of more than 80 the choir will conduct during their very first tour of the United States.

Operating out of Wellspring Church in Kensington, Conn., the choir will traverse the northeastern United States from Wednesday, Sept. 16 to Wednesday, Nov. 11.

All of the proceeds raised will be donated to the Kampala Children's Centre, where nearly 100 children are receiving an education, including practical life skills, and basic health care.

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