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Counterfeiter said nabbed in raid

But some false bills are still circulating

Detective Scott Bailey with a table-full of counterfeit currency seized from Jose Burgos’ apartment. He said most of it was found in the box of office paper he holds. Despite the arrest, area residents should still be wary because around $3,000 in fake 50s and 100s is still circulating. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
September 23, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Three weeks after the first reported incident, police arrested a local man Tuesday evening for allegedly printing the counterfeit bills being passed at several area businesses.

Jose Burgos, 21, of 338 Main St. Apt. 23, was arraigned Wednesday morning in Dudley District Court on charges of possessing more than 10 counterfeit notes, manufacturing and uttering (using) them, plus marijuana and heroin possession (the former for distribution), drug violation near a school, and subsequent offense driving after suspension. He was released on $200 bail and pleaded not guilty.

"What's really important is that about $3,000 of this stuff is still out there," said Police Chief Daniel Charette. "Yes, we got him. Yes, it's stopped, but some is still out there."

According to Detective Scott Bailey, Burgos confessed to the charges, essentially saying "just that he needed money at some point and thought he could do it better than the next guy."

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