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Voices from the past

Troupe embodies town's historic figures in benefit for Arts Center

Dennison Wheelock, played here by Ray W. Petrelli, was the grandson of Pioneer James Dennison, and a Revolutionary War veteran. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
September 21, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Ever wonder why the stone gates at Oak Ridge Cemetery are so narrow? They were designed that way.

That was just one of a whole history book of facts that was presented, in the flesh, during a special tour of the old burial ground on Saturday, Sept. 19.

In 1795, lower Main Street was part of Charlton. From the intersection of Chapin and Main westward was Sturbridge.

In order for the settlers right in the middle to become their own town, they needed three things: a meetinghouse, a place for religious worship, and a cemetery.

In1801, Benjamin Freeman donated a plot of land to the would-be town, completing the requirements, and 15 years later, Southbridge was on the map.

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