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Founders going bump in the night

Cemetery tour benefits Arts Center

one of the several Ammidown family stones in Oak Ridge Cemetery. Saturday’s cemetery tour will include a portrayal of Ebenezer Ammidown, who built the mansion that now houses the Arts Center and helped bring the railroad to town. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
September 16, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — In New England, especially, old cemeteries speak.

Sometimes, the words are still clearly etched into the stone from the past, poetic or prosaic lines on lives of people famous and obscure. Sometimes, only an image — a winged head, a weeping willow — remains to evoke the ideals of a bygone era.

But usually, the only sound is the wind.

That won't be true this Saturday, when the voices of eight local historical figures buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery speak through the mouths of actors from Gateway Players.

Well, at least it will be their voices as heard in the mind of the theater's president Bill Guy, who drafted the scripts from various documents and research provided by the Historical Society.

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