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Phoney money not funny for merchants

Police finding counterfeits of all paper denominations

Each denomination, regardless of class, has a prescribed portrait and back design selected by the Secretary of the Treasury. secretservice.gov/knowyourmoney. (click for larger version)
September 15, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Police are investigating a series of counterfeit bill passing incidents all over town during the last month or so.

According to Chief Daniel Charette, someone has been using "very good quality" fake money of all paper denominations at local businesses.

"We've seen it four or five times a week in the last few weeks, all over the place," he said.

One of those places was the Big Bunny car wash, where owner Peter Cournoyer said two incidents occurred. In one, a woman went through the wash and paid with a fake $100, but no one caught it until he was making his daily deposit at the bank later. A few days later, a man walked up asking for change for a $50, but it was the same attendant who challenged the man. The man took the bill back and ran off, he said.

In the first incident, the attendant "was suspicious not so much about the bill, but that the customer had a wallet stuffed with bills — including some tens and twenties — but paid for a $10 wash with $100," Cournoyer said. "It turned out that it was a very good photocopy the criminals had made to look used."

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