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Vecchia absent from Council meeting

'Excused' without elaboration

September 15, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Despite last week's furor over the demotion of Councilor Al Vecchia from his subcommittee chairmanship and his about-face on the access road, Monday's Town Council proved a largely quiet affair when he didn't show up.

A few in the audience wondered where he was, but when roll call came, Chairman Steven Lazo simply stated Vecchia was "excused" without elaboration. Later, the special meeting Vecchia and three other councilors requested to address the access road construction contract for Thursday was postponed until the next regular council meeting Sept 28 by consensus, even though it had already been posted.

Vecchia could not be reached afterward for comment.

What seemed to spark more citizen attention from the floor was a perennial issue — sidewalks.

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