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Officer shoots pit bull

September 14, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — A police officer shot and killed a pit bull Monday afternoon after the animal had trapped a man on a porch.

The incident started at 1:20 p.m. when police received a request for assistance with a pit bull on the loose on Fairlawn Avenue, according to Southbridge Police. Officer Daniel Southall, a K-9 officer, saw a man standing on the porch of 50 Fairlawn Ave. The man told Southall the dog had broken free from its leash and "would not allow him off the porch," according to police. The man was a health care worker visiting a patient, according to Southbridge Police Chief Daniel Charette.

The dog attacked the officer once after he tried to help the man and then charged him again from the back yard of 54 Fairlawn Ave. Southall pushed the dog away but it lunged at him a second time and bit him on the arm.

"He just couldn't get him off his arm, so he shot him," Charette said.

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