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Serenade for a hometown crowd

Joel Ayau returns to Southrbidge for concert

Pianist Joel Ayau and vocalists Lauren Boutillette and Katie Lora received a standing ovation at the end of Saturday night’s performance. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
August 31, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Piano lessons can be very lonely. Or so says Anne Marie Maynard, a Southbridge piano teacher, referring to the hours spent one-on-one between teacher and student.

For the majority of people who begin learning an instrument early in life, the idea of traveling the globe to perform, and taking the stage at the most prestigious concert halls in the world is little more than a dream.

For a former Southbridge resident, and pupil of Maynard, that dream has become a reality.

Joel Ayau, now a world-class pianist, returned to Southbridge on Saturday to perform at Southbridge High School. The concert was the first live broadcast from the school, and was made possible by John Gatti Jr. and Larry Beinema of the cable access program "Eye on Southbridge."

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