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'Incinerate contract'

Activists rally against Casella pact

A mixture of local anti-landfill activists and people recruited from outside the area rally on Town Hall steps Wednesday to oppose the landfill contract. Gus Steeves. (click for larger version)
August 26, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Waving signs and chanting "Incinerate the contract," a group of about 25 protestors took to Town Hall steps Wednesday to promote rescinding the town's multimillion dollar landfill management contract with Casella Waste Systems and urge upholding the state's incinerator moratorium.

Organizer Taryn Hallweaver of the Toxics Action Center said the state is "at a crossroads for waste management policy," with the Department of Environmental Protection now drafting its solid waste plan for the next decade. Now, she argued, is the time to push the government to encourage "aggressive recycling" and head toward a "zero waste" policy.

"We have current rules that could get us to diverting 80 percent of our waste," Hallweaver said, noting that places including San Francisco and Nova Scotia are already heading that way. "Incineration competes with waste reduction efforts because you have to 'feed the beast,' so to speak. … Gasification plants are incinerators in disguise."

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