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State pool shuttered

Faces 24 health code violations

The DCR pool in Southbridge was closed — along with 21 other state pools — on Sunday, Aug. 16. Health violations indicate it may not be opened again for a while. File photo. (click for larger version)
August 23, 2009
SOUTHBRIDGE — Even though it closed early, the Andrew J. Petro Memorial Pool on Randolph Street can't seem to catch a break from problems.

Last Thursday, the Board of Health revealed that the state Department of Public Health's recent inspection found the facility had 24 violations of sanitation, safety and other elements of the public health code.

After reading off some of them — a list that included a lack of hot water, poor rule enforcement, spilled and improperly stored chemicals, and lack of an annual permit — member Rene Tremblay observed that the "list goes on and on."

"We can do the follow-up and bring it into compliance," said Health Director James Morin before the board voted to send the pool manager, Brennan Gauthier of the state Department of Conservation and Recreation, a letter warning that if the issues aren't fixed, the pool will not open next year.

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