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Sturbridge pumps funds into fire equipment

New trucks are in fire department's future

Fire Chief Leonard Senecal points out some of the rust damage on the company’s Engine 1, a 1981 pumper truck that was slated for replacement last year. Christopher Tanguay. (click for larger version)
August 19, 2009
STURBRIDGE — The Sturbridge Fire Department is in line to purchase two new emergency vehicles, and conveniently for voters, the more than $600,000 expenditure will not require a Town Meeting.

In reality, the necessary meeting already occurred. At a Town Meeting in April of 2008, voters approved borrowing approximately $325,000 to replace the company's Engine 1, a 1981, 1,000 gallon per minute pumper.

According to Fire Chief Leonard Senecal, the vehicle was not replaced because the money, despite approval at the meeting, was not released due to financial constraints.

"They held it on me," Senecal said.

The 28 year old truck has been relegated to a reserve vehicle due to rust and corrosion on the body and in the truck's internal water tank.

"Internally, it's rusting apart," Senecal said. "It's still being used, but very carefully."

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